Town Clerk / Tax Collector

The Town Clerk’s Office provides the following services:

New York State Dog License

  • Every dog, regardless of age, owned or harbored in New York State for longer than 30 days, must be licensed.
  • Please check with the Town Clerk for exceptions.
Documents Required
  • If the dog is spayed or neutered, a certificate from a licensed veterinarian.
  • All dogs three months or older must have proof of a rabies vaccination signed by a licensed veterinarian.
  • If you are interested in a purebred license, contact the Town Clerk.
  • A check payable to the Town of Alfred for the appropriate fee.
  • Renewal
    1. Paperwork sent to you by the Town of Alfred.
    2. Proof of up to date rabies vaccination.
    3. If dog has been spayed or neutered in last year that documentation is also required.

Dog License Cost

New or renewal, price is the same.

Spayed or neutered: $7.00
Not spayed or neutered: $14.00

New York State Marriage License

Where to obtain:

  • A couple intending to marry in New York State must apply in person for a marriage license to any town or city clerk in the state.
  • The application for a license must be signed by both the bride and groom in the presence of the clerk.
  • A representative cannot apply for the license on behalf of the bride or groom.
  • Notarized marriage license affidavits signed by the bride and groom cannot be substituted for their personal appearance.

When to obtain:

  • License must be obtained at least 24 hours before the wedding
  • The license is valid for 60 days beginning the day after issuance.
Documents required

A person is required to establish proof of age and identity by submitting to the issuing clerk one of the following age-related documents:

1. Birth Certificate
2. Baptismal record
3. Naturalization record


One of the following identity-related documents:

1. Driver’s license
2. Passport
3. Employment picture ID
4. Immigration record

If previously married, a certified copy of the Decree of Divorce or a Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage is required.
If spouse is deceased, a copy of the death certificate is required.


  • $40.00 – cash or check
  • Fee includes issuance of the Certificate of Marriage which is automatically sent to the applicants within 15 days after returned by the officiant.
  • This will be your notification that a record of marriage is on file.

Who can perform the ceremony:

To be valid, a marriage ceremony must be performed by any of the individuals specified in Section 11 on the New York State Domestic Relation Law. See Town Clerk for list.

Where can marriage take place:

A New York State marriage license may be used anywhere within New York State. It is not valid outside the State.

Vital Statistic Records

The Town of Alfred maintains birth, death, and marriage records from 1883 to the present.

Fees: Search and Certified copy is $10.00 each for a Marriage, Birth or Death records.

Please note: 

You must fill out an appropriate form.  Forms can be downloaded at the NYS Department of Health Records section site

Other records are available under the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL).  You must fill out an Application for Public Access to Recordsicon pdf - Town Clerk / Tax Collector.

For more information please contact the Town Clerk or the New York State Department of Health Vital Records Section.

Handicapped Parking Permit

You are eligible for license plates or a perking permit for the disabled if you are a New York State Resident who has one or more severe disabilities that impair your mobility. See Part 2 of MV-664.1 for a description of qualifying disabilities.

If you are applying for the parking permit:

Note: Do not send your application to the DMV. They do not issue parking permits.

  • A permit may be issued for either a permanent or temporary disability.
  • You do not have to be a driver, or a registered owner of a vehicle, to get a permit. Children who have a qualifying disability are eligible for permits at any age, as are persons who are legally blind. Permits are issued in the name of the person with the disability.
  • Handicapped parking application and rules and regulations are available on Fill out Part 1 of the application (MV-664.1). Have your physician complete Part 2 of the application and return it to you. Application can be signed by a physician only.
  • Take your completed application and ID and proof of residency to the Town Clerk. Please note: the applicant must be a resident of New York State and a resident of the city, town or village in which the issuing agent is located.

New York State Sporting Licenses

All types of sporting licenses including fishing licenses are available at the Town Clerk’s office through the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Automated Licensing System (DECALS).

For complete requirements and dates visit DEC’s website

Notary Public

The Town Clerk is a Notary Public. Anyone wishing to have a document notarized must present photo ID. There is no charge.

Town of Alfred, NY Board Meetings:
Are held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm
Town Building, 6340 Shaw Road, Alfred

Janice Burdick
Box 230 6340 Shaw Road
Alfred Station, NY 14803

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